The "Rule of Four"

Consistent Surface Preparation Success Relies on the “Rule of Four”


Four “ingredients” in a four step process comprise the formula for dependable consistent

surface preparation success, as measured by four key criteria.



1. CleanerBlast Wet Abrasive Vapor Blast Equipment

2. 10X Engineered Abrasive Media

3. OxNot CleanBlast Salt & Sulfide Remover/Rust Preventative Agent

4. Potable Water


1. Add OxNot CleanBlast into CleanerBlast machine's self-contained water supply tank while filling

to agitate and ensure rapid dispersion.

2. Add 10X engineered abrasive material to the abrasive hopper; set CleanerBlast machine to Blast mode. (Hydraulic pressure in hopper will automatically pressurize if machine has been charged by air compressor and hopper lid is securely closed.)

3.  Use CleanerBlast machine to blast clean surface to desired finish. 

4. Switch to dedicated, instant Rinse-only function on CleanerBlast machine to remove any

potential residual or wind-driven ambient contaminant from surface. 


1. Workplace Safety

2. Increased Productivity

3. Cost Savings

4. High Performance

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