Surface Prep for Aerospace & Precision Parts

When gentle, clean & precise are needed, manufacturers & maintenance contractors turn to wet abrasive surface preparation (vapor blast) equipment because:

  • Wet methods eliminate risk of frictional heat & warping common to dry blasting

  • Additives in water supply tank allow simultaneous blast clean & chemical application

  • Efficiently uses micro-fine and "soft" abrasives

  • Lowest amount of surface removal during cleaning Removes discoloration without dulling or deforming/altering precision edges

  • Low pressure ensures no abrasive impregnation or embedding into part surfaces

  • Replaces dry blasting & high-pressure wash

  • Users can fine-tune the depth of layers coatings to remove

  • Users can switch from abrasive blast to rinse-only mode instantly

Aerospace and precision manufacturing discovered wet abrasive surface preparation only after they've grown completely frustrated with dry blasting or high pressure washing for poor or unacceptable results and damaging affects. It's interesting to discover how newly developed technologies, such as alternative energy and medical implants, have meshed so readily with wet abrasive surface preparation. In fact, wet abrasive surface preparation is the only viable alternative for manufacturing precision parts like aerospace, medical implants and dental tools. While we don't recommend you use vapor blast equipment this way, someone decided to prove his point about gentle-but-effective CleanerBlast equipment in this video:

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