Smaller can be Better

An overlooked benefit to CleanerBlast vapor abrasive blast cleaning equipment is a smaller footprint (compact & self-contained unit size) lets users fit equipment through narrovw spaces and keep equipment directly available in enclosed areas. That means:

  • Less blast hose and air hose required.

  • Fewer bends and therefore less wear on the hoses.

  • Higher pressure, higher performance and a better blast.

  • Better communication between media tenders, blasters, and painters.


In blast cleaning a tank with two or more access points, it’s usually a better option to have a second rig set up instead of running extra hose across to the other side of the tan to minimize hose runs and maximize performance. Limiting hose distance by keeping equipment as close to the action as possible, regardless of the type of any abrasive cleaning system (dry or wet) makes sense because friction and pressure loss is greater in the blast hoses that contain abrasive than in air hoses which are only carrying air. 

Large, multi-hose units usually cost significantly more than multiple small units, are less versatile in terms of applications when not in use for large-scale abrasive blast cleaning. In addition, the addition of each hose requires additional increase in compressor size as well as additional efficiency problems like unexpected pressure drops, tangled hose configurations and more frequent media reloading. It makes sense to limit hose distance (length from actual blast area) as well because wear and pressure loss is greater in the blast hoses that contain abrasives. 

Other CleanerBlast features you'll love

  • Shorter 'supply hose' increases control and decreases pressure los

  • NO clogging or friction

  • Blast clean & remove salts simultaneously by adding chemical treatment to water tank

  • Instant switch to rinse or dry mode

  • Low-grit & water usage drastically cuts cosnumedia refill frequency

  • Self-contained onboard water tank & grit hopper

  • Runs up to five hours on a single charge

  • The fastest, most efficient method for fine garnet & high-efficiency media

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