Gear Up for 2021

Corrosion never sleeps. Critical industrial, commercial and infrastructure maintenance projects can't be put off any longer. In the wake of COVID-19, legislators are focusing on transportation, infrastructure and post-hurricane restoration projects as a means to aid economic recovery. FY 2021 Federal Budget includes $810 B for a 10-year surface transportation reauthorization FHWA, FTA, FRA, NHTSA, FMCSA, PHMSA, OST. The reauthorization runs through 2030 to provide predictable long-term funding, as well as an additional $190 B for other infrastructure improvements (for bridges and General Fund programs) so Federal, State, local and private private partners can effectively plan, finance, and deliver value and economic benefit through vital infrastructure projects.

How will a predicted glut of recovery projects affect you? Depends on how ready you are. Now is the time make sure your registry is up to date with State or federal SBA as a contractor, start looking at solicitations, and hone up your bid information. If you're like many, labor as well as equipment is projected to be spread thin as the workloads increase during the next year. It’s a critical time to invest in equipment and process upgrades that allow your organization to be flexible and competitive without shaving profit margins or over-allocating your workforce.

Made for this moment, CleanerBlast machines are all about innovation, efficiency, and performance. CleanerBlast boosts productivity with up to 10x faster fill, setup and cleanup for less downtime, less nonsense. Our patented remote rinse feature lets users switch between blast and rinse modes – right from the nozzle – in seconds, for practical, seamless one-man operation. These state of the art wet abrasive blast machines feature long run times, and the highest dependability in the industry with no-fail, no-clog reliability, CleanerBlast equipment extends hose service life, prevents pressure drop, ensures minimal easy maintenance, and conserves energy, water and grit media.


Meet your new best friend:

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...a tiny "taste" of emerging project opportunities for 2021:

  • Municipal: Even streamlined to reflect 2020 budget shortfalls, Richmond Metropolitan Transport Authority's budget for 2020-2025 still prioritizes and includes $20.4 M expressly for surface prep and coating infrastructure projects.

  • State: The State of New Jersey has allocated $17M of its budget for surface prep and bridge painting alone.USN 2021 budget features numerous corrosion control projects for facilities, ($1M ‐ $25M per project).

  • Navy: pre-solicitations for 2021 already include: Small Craft, Pontoons & Floating Docks Maintenance, Puget Sound WA and NAVAIR Hangar Door Maintenance, Lakehurst NJ - as well as numerous larger ship maintenance projects .

  • Army: pre-solicitations have begun, including large butterfly valve renovation and repainting, Lake Tenkiller OK and vehicle coating maintenance projects.

  • Air Force: Sources Sought for its own Small Craft, Pontoons & Floating Docks Maintenance, Charleston SC.

  • DOI/DOE: BSEE $4M Ohmsett Oil Spill Research Tank's major corrosion maintenance and recoating was rescheduled from 2020 to late spring 2021.

  • EPA: One of FY2021 primary goals: working with industry, states, and tribes to remedy the problem of corrosion in diesel tanks regarding the increasing prevalence of corrosion of UST equipment containing ethanol or diesel fuels.

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