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Fit for Maritime Maintenance

Seeking to replace hazardous, expensive and time-consuming dry abrasive blast operations, marine operations were among the first to try wet blast cleaning methods, from water-jetting to slurry blasting to vapor blasting. Over the years, they’ve experienced the pros and cons of various methods firsthand. Insufficient control, pressure drops, high breakdown rates, irritatingly frequent clogged valves and damage from high pressure name but a few of the issues that impacted productivity, and ultimately, applicability of past wet methods.

Across the globe, shipyards and facilities rapidly adopted the next generation of vapor blasting, which we call "true vapor blasting", as a proven method to mitigate many of these issues. This proven technology has become the “go-to” method for hull maintenance and day-to-day marine maintenance operations.

Next Gen Vapor Blasting Supports Maritime Missions

  • Low environmental impact

  • Low pressure mitigates risk of worker injuries and respiratory hazards

  • Eliminates fire and ignition hazards common to dry blast methods (dust, friction, heat)

  • Moist grit drops to workplace floor to contain waste dispersal to work area

  • 92% less dust; won't trigger sensors or impact proximity areas

  • Suitable for use in enclosed spaces & close proximity (15 feet) of welding operations

  • Cleans without risk of pitting or damage to delicate gel coat over fiberglass

  • Little or no wet sanding or tenting needed

  • Creates perfect 80 grit finish ideal for paint adhesion on metal (Interlux)

  • Low pressure and vapor cushioning of grit prevents heat warping and changing close tolerance critical dimensions

  • Works with a wide range of media sizes (fine to coarse) and types, including soft organic media, soda, minerals, zero-silica grit and crushed glass/beads

  • Supercharged efficiency for fine grit: Greatly exceeds dry blast productivity &surface cleaning power. Consumes 90% less grit & only a fraction of the water compared to other methods

  • Compact & transportable: Fast setup, highly mobile, minimal cleanup.

The Magic of True Vapor Blasting: Versatility

  • Expose welds quickly for inspection and maintenance

  • Easily remove barnacles, marine growth, bio-film and coatings

  • Multi-surface applicability: fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, brass, rubber, plastic, stainless steel, glass

  • Peen aluminum to re-texture (smooth) and strengthen by eliminating porosity to seal surface against staining and oxidation

  • Removes microscopic layers of oxidized metal and corrosion

  • Clean running gear with years of barnacle and marine growth buildup in minutes

  • Restore props, rudders and trim tab without the need for removal from vessel

  • Clean entire diameter of pipes, including inclines and U-bends

  • Restore oxidized paint

  • Precision coating removals: remove single coating layer or multiple heavy layers

Buyer Beware: Vapor Blast Equipment Varies Widely

All vapor blast equipment is not alike. What some manufacturers designate as a “vapor blaster” cannot be considered true vapor blasting but rather a hybrid wet/dry or slurry (induction) machine or some derivative of high-pressure wet jetting. (READ MORE: Red Flags & Important Features)

CleanerBlast is Engineered for Real-World Operations

  • Equal or better performance and results compared to dry methods.

  • Easy to use ‘set and forget’ adjustments ensure consistent blast stream with no pressure drop & self-pressurizing hopper.

  • Instantly switches to vapor-only rinse mode

  • No clogging; totally unaffected by high humidity

  • Durable construction, lowest breakdown in industry

  • Standard, easy to procure replacement components, easy access for “plug & play” maintenance

  • Self-contained water supply tank eliminates need for hose hookup

  • Compact size and work area footprint well-suited for “clean-in-place” in tight spaces

  • Chemical treatments easily mix in water tank for simultaneous application during blast cleaning.

  • Supports total surface preparation system & process approach with 100% compatibility with new technologies including water conditioners, zero-silicate grits, non-toxic, biodegradable salt removal/tea-stain (flash rust) prevention treatments, and blast bag waste containment.