Driven Performance Drives Profits

CleanerBlast is performance driven, and it shows in the 5G-SS. The latest model of advanced surface preparation equipment is fast becoming the icon of exquisite innovation. Customers are using our equipment to expand their business, and coming back needing more equipment to send out more crews to more jobs. They've reported loving the time and money saving features and the ease of training and operation as evidenced by the short learning curve of their new crews. Gotta say we're inspired when we hear "This equipment is like nothing we've ever experienced in the field before. No breakdowns, no downtime, smaller crews. Can't tell you how pleased we were to get rid of the headaches that came with our [insert big box brand that shall not be named here]. It motivates and challenges CleanerBlast to reach further forward to find tweaks and try new innovations. So thank you to all the CleanerBlast equipment users out there. You are our true inspiration.

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