Does Your Equipment Earn Its Keep?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Cost Benefits Analysis

It’s a shame to clutter up the space in your garage workshop is full of dusty tools that you don’t use regularly – multiple tools for the same job that just don’t quite hit the mark, require fussy set up, or are prone to breakdown. You know, the ones you pass on while you grab for the trusty workhorse of a tool nobody is allowed to borrow for fear of losing it. Tools that don’t make the cut, need to go.


How to Measure: Overall Equipment Effectiveness = Availability × Performance × Quality


Calculating Equipment OEE

Availability = Available Equipment Operating Time ÷ Planned Project Duration

Performance = Total Sq. Ft. ÷ Complete Setup, Cleanup and Operating Time) ÷ Ideal Rate

Quality = Good Results ÷ Total Sq. Ft.


Unused vapor blast equipment rusting quietly in the equipment bay doesn’t do commercial enterprise any good, either. In the industrial setting, the tool is power and the measure for “earning its keep” is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – the golden core of ROI. OEE success is a measurement of how well equipment earns its keep; and it’s a pretty good indicator of how often the equipment will get used.

The bad news is that a lot of vapor abrasive blast equipment are OEE fails. The good news is you’re about to discover CleanerBlast, a state-of-the art machine receiving rave reviews from owners - one that actually does earn its keep, and more.

CleanerBlast OEE

AVAILABILITY: Spend more time on the blast hose. CleanerBlast is always ready for work.

Increase productivity per sq. ft.

  • Low consumption means less productive time lost to refill machine

  • Near-instant rinse mode and simultaneous blast clean/chemical treatment fuction cut task transition time

Increased productivity per day

  • Quick setup and cleanup

  • Excellent operational duration between air compressor charges

  • No auxilliary needed = no auxilliary equipment setup

  • Decreased downtime per year

  • Highest dependability, lowest repair rate in the industry

  • Easy access for filter maintenance or troubleshooting

  • Configured with easy-to-access parts

PERFORMANCE: Multi-tool that outperforms hydrojet, sandblaster and pressure washer.

  • Multi-function machine goes from water only for cleaning intact areas to blast mode for removing damaged coating, profiling and treating surfaces, without interruption.

  • Superior control – dial in to remove a single layer of coating from a delicate fiberglass, or remove multiple layers from steel

  • Compact, mobile, self-contained unit tight spaces for more agile use

  • Permits work in high humidity conditions

  • Equal or better rate per sq. ft. compared to sandblasting and hydrojetting

QUALITY: Similar or better coating removal results than sandblast or hydrojet cleaning

  • Low velocity process won’t spread process waste across cleaned surface

  • Superior quality peening and finishing

  • No warping, gouging, friction or heat damage

  • Less flash rust: zerotime between cleaning and chemical treatment

  • Can’t be beat for scouring inside pipes, around corners and u-bends

  • Significantly improves results in tight, detailed and corner areas

More Ways CleanerBlast Earns Its Keep

· Keeps workers safe

  • Low pressure prevents lacerations

  • Low vibration at the nozzle

  • Less mess, better visibility during task

Keeps within compliance parameters

  • Easily complies with new respirable dust standards

  • Keeps lead and toxins confined to the work space with less extensive controls

  • Low-volume waste generation

Keeps expenses down

  • Uses up to 90% less grit than sandblasting

  • Consumes 2/3 less water than hydrojetting

  • Uses 13% less energy than hydrojetting and sandblasting

  • Designed for low wear on hoses, nozzles and parts

Keeps the learning curve shallow

  • User-friendly configuration

  • Set-it-and-forget-it consistency with no pressure drops

  • Automatic hydraulic pressure

Keeps the project moving

  • Other tasks can be performed as close as 15 feet away

  • Won’t impact nearby sensors or sensitive equipment

  • Coating processes can follow closely after

Keeps your business agile

  • Blast cleans everything – from metal, brick and concrete to wood, plastic and asphalt

  • Gently and thoroughly cleans painted surfaces and mortar, gently removes graffiti

  • Cleans and peens high tolerance precision components with precision

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