CleanerBlasting for Concrete Construction & Ready Mix

Cost of Caustic

Cleaning vehicles coated with cement or concrete using hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, phosphoric acid, glycolic acid or acid blends removes the mix from vehicles, but it puts acid get into surface pores of metal where it causes corrosion. Acid cleaning can also damage proximal areas such as wiring, hopper, chutes, and cabs. Damage increases vehicle maintenance costs in terms of rust prevention, painting, and component repairs. This increased cost must either be absorbed by the ready-mix provider or passed on to customers. With already tight budgets, both the ready-mix provider and their customers would benefit by looking for ways to avoid unnecessary costs wherever possible.

Acid-free cleaning is both possible, and recommended. CleanerBlast equipment uses small amounts of gentle organic media or fine engineered media to swiftly and easily remove dirt, oil, grease, asphalt and dried concrete without stripping paint or clear coat finishes, etching or damaging surfaces, or impacting proximal wiring. CleanerBlast will not embed media into surfaces and provides rapid, even cleaning of hard to reach areas. Compact mobile CleanerBlast units are designed to gently but thoroughly clean fiberglass, glass, aluminum, steel, galvanized metal, plastic and other types of surfaces.

Above: Impromptu vehicle cleaning demo. Settings: Very low pressure ~ 65 psi using a very fine, “soft” abrasive.

Low Pressure, High Efficiency

Force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma). CleanerBlast encompasses mass accelerated at low pressure, making it a gentler and more effective method than pressure wash. High pressure washing relies solely on high pressure, hard to control high pressure caused by brute acceleration force. High volumes of water are driven by high velocity alone. This create huge volumes of waste for collection and disposal, and drives corrosion-causing liquids into surface pores.

CleanerBlast consumes very little media and water. The output is vapor and media mixture. The mass of the media causes the vapor encapsulated spent media droplets to fall to the workspace floor, where depending on humidity, the vapor rapidly evaporates, leaving little to clean up, and no wet mess.

CleanerBlast equipment also provides an efficient and versatile method of concrete preparation and repair work, with the advantages of dust reduction and supression as well as the ability to safely, quickly and efficiently clean and prep overhead and vertical areas. CleanerBlast machines boast a patented remote rinse feature that allows the user to instantly switch from vapor abrasive cleaning to rinse mode directly from the nozzle. <Read more>

Cost of Caustic

Fine grit media used for prepping concrete for repair can be immediately and easily removed from the CleanerBlast hopper to switch to truck and berm cleaning. Moistened grit from the hopper can be passed through a filter sock and added back to the tank for reuse, with unspent grit saved and reused later, since moist media works as well as dry media in the CleanerBlast hopper.

Setting: Approximately 75 psi. Site: Tight confined area. Objective: to remove loose concrete and corrosion from exposed rebar so that a concrete repair could be achieved. Result: The repair material required a pre-wetted, dust and debris-free surface so there were no delays - contractor was able to immediately mix and apply repair materials.

This versatility not only gives concrete construction companies a system for more seamless prep, repair and clean up, but could also tempt ready-mix providers to branch out by offering additional vehicle cleaning services to their customers.

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