Simplicity looks and feels easy for the user, that's the point.


For the manufacturer, however, simple is harder than complex. Anyone can slap on a doo-dad and and call it innovation. Efficient simplicity, like elegant simplicity, takes work. It takes courage.

To go beyond the status quo, you have to clear your mind for new perceptions, yet have intimate knowledge of the past, understand what should stay, what can go, and what must change, and how it all works together..\


Leading the Charge for Better Blasting since 2000.

The inventor of CleanerBlast, Jerry Fenley has been instrumental in the growth of vapor blasting industry in North America since its inception. Jerry spent decades collaborating and providing technical design assistance to a number of early machine manufacturers, but radical innovation only began once he was able to break free of conventional corporate restraints. 


Starting his own company gave him the freedom to finally focus his experience and insight on the true goal of meaningful innovation: efficient simplicity that works better for the end user.



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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

If leaders are not willing to look for innovative solutions,
they should simply be left behind."

~ Steve Jobs

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