The Initial License Offer (ILO) Exchange

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1. Become A Partner

When you invest in a company on the ILO Exchange you join a community of other investors who recognize this new platform as the future of crowdfunding built for the opportunist. 

2. BE apart of your Sucess!

As an ILO holder, you are empowered to use your social network to promote the company you invest in. In exchange, you are granted a percentage of the companies revenues. As the company grows, you grow.

3. Reap the Rewards

The nature of ILOs ensures that when the company does well, you do well. Quarterly revenue-based royalties are paid directly into your account and are immediately accessible. You are able to track the companies growth right on the ILO exchange.

 Introducing CleanerBlast on the ILO Exchange

2. Let's Learn About CleanerBlast!

Learn how investing in CleanerBlast Equipment benefits you.
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Removes rust, paint, concrete, dirt

Greatly reduces water consumption

Simply Cleaner. Simply Better.

CleanerBlast machines are vapor blasting machines. Vapor Blasting is the process of abrasive blasting contained in water vapor. The process uses water mixed with abrasive media, direct injected under hydraulic pressure in an extremely efficient and safe way to blast clean almost any type of surface. 

Cleans metal, concrete, wood, rubber plastic

 CleanerBlast Equipment

What Does It Do?

 CleanerBlast Equipment

Why Should You Invest?

The Right Place at the Right Time

The saying, "The right place, at the right time", is appropriate in describing the unique opportunity that CleanerBlastTM has. A variety of factors including regulatory changes and environmental awareness are driving the industry away from conventional surface cleaning equipment to vapor abrasive blasting. The biggest motivator, however, is the risk/reward associated with traditional blasting equipment. They are costly, dangerous to operate and do not deliver desirable results. CleanerBlastTM equipment solves each of these problems in a big way. We are confident the momentum we are currently experiencing will exponentially increase with your backing and partnership. Become a part of growth and positive change for our organization, our environment, and our customers while experiencing the monetary rewards. 

Rapidly growing underserved market

CleanerBlast technology solves a real problem

ILO Value projected to increase 5x over 3 years. 

Become a partner and invest with purpose!

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