CleanerBlast™ CBT-2020

All About Power + Control.


The CleanerBlast CBT-2020 is the only machine to put fine-tunable volume output control at your fingertips, with a precision-engineered spray handle powered by dependable, consistent Turbulator technology and the rugged, dependability that forms the engineering core of every CleanerBlast machine.

This one-of-a-kind machine lets you instantly change from microvapor to saturating spray - and anything in-between. 

Saves time and money.

  • Super easy operation.

  • Consistent, even coverage

  • Saves time - covers more sq. ft/hour

  • Precise coverage conserves chemicals

  • Very low air pressure requirements

We make it even easier to get just what you need with TWO purchase options:

1. Compressor dolly, control box, spray handle & hose


2. Control box, spray handle & hose


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CBT-2020 features a precision tune dial located right on the handle that lets you adjust spray from fine vapor to saturating mist while you work, so you can maintain precise, even coverage AND respond instantly to wind and weather, crevices and intricacies, and objects with multiple types of materials and surfaces. Our groundbreaking Vapor Miser handle helps you get the job better, with no wasted time or liquid product. 

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Senior Living
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Consumption Rate from 2 oz/min to 35 oz/min (consumption average when using 3.0 hp, 6.5 CFM compressor).
Purchase Options:

  1. Control box only  

  2. Control box with compressor.

All options include spray gun and 25 ft hose.


CBT-2020 saves on consumables, letting you apply only the amount you need, with even, thorough coverage without wasting time or chemical product.
Rugged, dependable and chemically resistant to confidently apply a wide range of products.

  • Degreasers & Detergents

  • Disinfectants & Sanitizers

  • Fungicides & Pesticides

  • Lubricants

  • Gelled Agents


Ultra-high efficiency

Low-pressure requirements

High-precision, drip-free coverage

Extremely low consumption

More sq. ft. in less time

No tips, no clogging

Low maintenance 

Compact and portable


COVID-19 Control

John Diaz

Chief Administrative Officer, Ascension Parish LA

“Big cost savings by taking it in-house. Previously, we were using outside vendor at a cost of $30,000 for entire facility.  By taking it in-house we lowered cost and are able to address issues on our schedule, not an outside vendor.”.


CBT-2020 can cover up 3000 sq ft* per hour - using only 1.5 gal. of chemical product! That's essentially covering the floor of an average commercial warehouse, a regulation size doubles tennis court, a large indoor rock climbing structure, 150 feet of the Great Wall of China or a 300 feet of a less-great 10 foot high office wall - in an hour or less! 


Destroy More COVID in Less Time with DoxyKlor & CBT-2020

Protocol #: WEA001090920.SARS2

Test Substance: DoxyKlor chemical disinfectant

Virus: SARS-Related Coronavirus 2, BEI Resources NR-52281, Strain Isolate USA-WA1/2020

Organic Soil Load: 5% fetal bovine serum

Exposure Temperature: Room temperature (20.08°C)

Exposure Humidity:  22.32%

Exposure Time: 30 seconds

Spray Distance: 4-6 inches

Test Results: Complete inactivation of the test virus was demonstrated [≤0.50 log10/100µL (≤0.80 log10/carrier)]. A ≥4.50 log10 reduction in viral titer was demonstrated.  (PASSED) All test control results met acceptance criteria for a valid test.  Test results meet EPA criteria for a virucidal label claim.