CleanerBlast™ Gen IV 250 

The CleanerBlast Gen IV 250 offers the highest value providing extreme versatility. Packing all the punches, the Gen IV 250 is portable, powerful and adaptable. This machine is ideal for a variety of application types and ongoing job site changes. 


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When versatility matters most, the CBS Gen IV 250 can do it all.

The CBS-Gen IV 250 Heavy Commercial model is built for Professionals. This mid-sized Vapor Blaster is capable and ready to handle just about any abrasive cleaning project. It’s packed with all the high-performance features and rugged dependability of the industrial-sized machines but in a compact, portable package.

The Gen IV 250 can dispense the full range of grit types as, with our other models. This machine is compact, extremely powerful and the most versatile Wet Abrasive Vapor Blasting machine on the market. A key benefit to a smaller frame size is the ability to easily change from one grit type to another for a wide range of endless applications.

  • Grit 1-1.5 cu ft / hr average

  • Water: Blasting - approximately 1 quart/minute or 10 gallons/hr

  • Water:  Rinsing - approximately 2 quarts/minute

  • Compressed Air: 50-300 cfm @ 100 psig continuous (150 psig max blast pressure)

  • 50' x 1" ID 2-ply blast hose coupling and nozzle holder

  • 55' x 3/16" twinline pneumatic deadman hose

  • #6 high-performance nozzle

  • Other nozzles available for substitution

  • Heavy Duty structural steel skid with heavy wall ¼” thickness  square and rectangular tubing

  • Stainless Steel tank straps

  • 2" x 6" Fork pockets

  • Engineered lifting eyes

  • Sand

  • Garnet 

  • Green Magic

  • Olivine

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Glass Beads

  • Nut Shells

  • Coal Slag

  • Dupont​ Starblast

  • Jet Mag

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Recycled Crushed Glass