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CleanerBlast Systems, LLC is a passionate group of technology pioneers, visionary professionals, and obsessed engineers who envision, design and manufacture more responsible and responsive tools for surface preparation and industrial cleaning. 

We've led the evolution of wet abrasive surface preparation equipment, developing and building machines since 2000.


CleanerBlast™ produces the highest quality, most reliable and most efficient vapor abrasive blast machines on the market today. Our mission is to revolutionize archaic methods of surface cleaning by continually delivering cutting-edge, safe and sustainable machines, methods and materials that produce cleaner surfaces. 


Jerry Fenley, Inventor  


The CleanerBlastTM team is a passionate group of critical thinkers who develop and bring together technologies that are ingenious solutions for real-life problems in a simply smarter way. The culture of our organization is led by the developer. 

This equipment did not come from a conformist, it took the unique perspective of a creator, a renegade, a rebel – someone unbiased by industry norms and constraints to challenge, disrupt and denounce the status quo.  That unbiased approach birthed the original technologies and methods of a true vapor blast machine which are the cornerstones of this dynamically transitioning and growing market. Mr. Fenley is a rare talent and craftsman. His commitment to excellence and results are evident in the equipment he designs. 


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CleanerBlast relies on customer satisfaction and loyalty for market share. And we work hard to earn it. Some call us "the iPhone of Vapor Blasting" because we invest our time and money into continuous innovation to earn our customer's business. Our machines are the best on the market and boast the lowest rates in the business for breakdown and repairs. We manufacture high quality, low maintenance, user-friendly vapor blast equipment - not replacement parts.

CleanerBlast machines comprise an elegant simplicity that is more functional, more reliable and more user-friendly than any competing model of vapor blaster, CleanerBlast equipment is designed to be a solid investment in your business - present and future.


Each succeeding generation of CleanerBlast machine features new innovations and configurations to make vapor blasting faster and easier than ever before. Whether you choose to buy a whole new machine or upgrade your existing CleanerBlast vapor blaster, staying on the cutting edge of technology has never been easier or more sensible.

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