What is Vapor Abrasive Blasting? 

Vapor Blasting also referred to as  Wet Abrasive Blasting is the process of abrasive blasting contained in water vapor. It gets its name from the extremely efficient use of water mixed with abrasive media, direct injected under hydraulic pressure into a concurrent airstream, discharged through a sandblast hose and nozzle against a surface. The discharge is a combined recipe of compressed air/abrasive grit/water vapor.


Vapor Blasting is fast becoming the dominant tool for all types of surface cleaning tasks. It’s a relatively new industrial cleaning method that covers the widest spectrum of cleaning applications. It works similar to a dry sandblasting machine in that it uses air to propel grit against a surface. It combines aspects of pressure washing in that it cleans, decontaminates and thoroughly rinses to create a brilliantly clean surface.


Vapor blasting is commonly used to remove corrosion, clean & remove stains, fouling, deposits, concrete splatter and much more from thousands of surfaces. Cleans steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, concrete, wood, rubber, vinyl, plastic, ceramic, glass and more.  


 By reducing blasting pressure, water consumption and abrasive grit consumption, Vapor Blasting:


  • makes much less mess to clean-up/waste disposal

  • significantly reduces dust 

  • is safer to operate and perform work

  • offers comparable cleaning speeds,

  • reduces worker fatigue 

  • reduces interruption to other contractor trades and/or business operations

  • achieves cleaner surface results and 

  • offers much broader cleaning/remediation applications

  • and much, much more!

Advanced Abrasive Vapor Blasting

  • Dedicated rinse hose with ‘switch to rinse’ function eliminates errors that commonly occur in equipment that requires purging of the blast hose to enable rinsing, as well as the need to move, set up and use additional rinse equipment.

  • Highest operability and lowest breakdown ratings in the industry.

  • Quick access panels for no-hassle filter cleaning

  • “Set it and forget it” controls that won’t pressure drop make using and maintaining the equipment fast and easy.

CleanerBlast™ provides an environmentally friendly and safer media blast alternative to dry abrasive blasting. 

92% Less Dust 

80% Less Media Consumption

Greatly Reduces Waste Disposal

Much Safer to Operate

Cleaner Surface Results 


CleanerBlast™​ vs Dry Blasting


A Class Above the Rest. 

CleanerBlast™ has revolutionized archaic methods of surface cleaning and preparation driving a paradigm shift in the industry. Our machines conserve water, use less material, and are tremendously safer for the operator and the environment. Clean stains, strip paint, remove corrosion and more from almost any surface.

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Respiratory Exposure Risks 

Reduce the health and compliance risks of silica exposure with CleanerBlast.  

The new PEL for respirable crystalline silica is 50% lower for general industry and maritime and 80% lower for the construction industry than previous PEL. Compared to dry abrasive blasting, vapor blasting produces significantly less airborne dust, therefore, greatly reducing exposure risks.