CleanerBlast™ 5G-100SS 



The CleanerBlast 1005G-SS offers time saving features, high corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility with remarkably fast fill and setup, easy to use controls, and quick, minimal maintenance. Extremely versatility and durability applicable to the most rugged environments. Cart or stationary model options available with casters or all terrain tires. Maneuverability, compact size and portability combine with upgrades to make this a versatile, small footprint machine perfect for cleaning in place and tight spaces. Dedicated rinse feature for easy rinse functionality. 'Set it and forget it' controls keep blasting consistent and precise, from shift to shift throughout the entire project.

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Tiny but Mighty

The 5G-100SS Stainless Steel Commercial model effectively tackles a wide variety of surface prep and surface maintenance jobs. Depending on your grit media, this machine will strip coatings, clean, scour, remove scale, fouling and efflorescence. This small-sized blaster is built rugged and ready to thrive in harsh production environments. Featuring convenient, thoughtful details and superior durability, this machine comes fully loaded with many of the high-performance features of the industrial-sized 5G-SS model machines in a very compact, portable package.

Like our other models, 5G-100SS dispenses a full range of grit types. Its compact footprint comprises safe, controlled, and extreme power within the most durable and versatile Wet Abrasive Vapor Blasting machine on the market. For small jobs, use only what you need in this compact hopper size machine. High-mobility wheeled cart or stationary version of this model are available. 


  • 0.61 cu.ft. custom grit hopper

  • Convenient Fill Station w/ built-in funnel and grit tray

  • Protective pot-fill guard ring with grit level test port

  • Durable 304 Stainless steel welded frame and hopper

  • Pneumatic deadman controls

  • Emergency Stop switch

  • Direct Injection wash down feature

  • Patented Pinch-to-rinse wash down logic saves BIG on slurry hose ball valve wear.

  • Severe Duty Pinch valve *Patent Pending

  • Color coordinated control tubing for effortless troubleshooting

  • Grit 0.5 cu ft / hr average

  • Water: Blasting - approximately 1 pintt/minute or 7.5 gallons/hr

  • Water:  Rinsing - approximately 2 pints/minute

  • Compressed Air: 20-75 cfm @ 100 psig continuous (150 psig max blast pressure)

  • 25' x 1/2" ID 2-ply blast hose coupling and nozzle holder

  • 30' x 1/14" twinline pneumatic deadman hose

  • #3 high-performance nozzle

  • Other nozzles available for substitution

  • Fill Station w/ built-in funnel & grit tray

  • Protective pot-fill guard ring 

  • Grit level test port

  • 304 Stainless steel welded frame & hopper

  • Hardfloor Option: four casters and handle

  • All-Terrain Option: two 10 inch all terrain tires
    with collapsible handl

  • Engineered lifting eyes

  • Sand

  • Garnet 

  • Green Magic

  • Olivine

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Glass Beads

  • Nut Shells

  • Coal Slag

  • Dupont​ Starblast

  • Jet Mag

  • Aluminum Oxide

  • Recycled Crushed Glass