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Lower upfront costs and 90% less media consumption coupled with increased efficiency save both time and money resulting in more profitable operations! 

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The CleanerBlast™ equipment is built for the operator and designed to deliver superior performance on every job. Easy to use and reliably safe. 

Full Specs: CBS-250  CBS-700

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The CleanerBlast™ team is passionately committed to providing uncompromising customer service and support. Experience, ingenuity and commitment to our customer's success is our #1 priority. 

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specified for use on critical projects

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Customer Testimonial

Dow Plaquemine

U-Bundle Heat Exchanger Tubes

"The tubes were scheduled for integrity inspection, but regular hydroblasting followed by application of rotating brushes could not clean the fouling sufficiently. CleanerBlast equipment was brought in and successfully cleaned the entire diameter (inside and outside U-turns) of each tube, equally and completely, without further ado."

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